Join the CRAFT REVOLUTION! Create your own crafting material out of DRIED PAINT and use it to create mosaics, jewelry & more!
Join the CRAFT REVOLUTION! Create your own crafting materialout of DRIED PAINT and use itto create mosaics, jewelry & more!

About Make Mosaics

Hi, I'm Terry Greene and I'm a Los Angeles based artist and instructor teaching my system for turning acrylic craft paint into a solid, flexible crafting material!  That's right... I teach how to make a solid crafting material in your own hobby space that you can then use to make MOSAICS, JEWELRY & MORE!  When you take my course "Have Fun Watching Paint Dry", you'll learn the basics of my system and be able to create your own solid color paint tiles in no time.  I call my finished product PAINT TILES.  You'll also learn tips, techniqes, project ideas & tutorials for using your paint tiles on my YouTube channel.


If you love crafting, you'll love making paint tiles!  This course is perfect for ANYONE who loves to create.  It's especially great for BEGINNERS as you don't need any artistic talent to make these paint tiles OR to create with them!  You won't find this course taught anywhere else as it's my unique system of drying paint and how to use it.  Once you learn how to make your own paint tiles, you'll be hooked!  They're just so much fun to create and so easy to use in a variety of ways.  The uses for these paint tiles is limited only by your imagination!  Please visit and check out my course;  you'll be glad you did.


A little bit about me... I'm a self-taught artist and I'm passionate about working with dried paint and palm fronds.  I started creating mosaics using dried paint in late 2009 and needed a system that would dry my paint in a consistent manner so that I could replicate the same look over and over again, so I created one!  I've been improving and using that system in my studio ever since!  In addition to creating dimensional artwork using my dried paint tiles, I also make sculptural artwork using discarded palm fronds found in the Coachella Valley and sell them under the name of "Coachella Palm Art".  I show and sell my work both online and at the occasional local art gallery.  In 2011 some of my mosaic artwork was featured in a book titled "Mosaic Madness", available on Amazon.  


I'm a native of Southern California, born in the Coachella Valley, and still spend as much time there as possible.  As a self-taught artist, I come from a long line of creatives including musicians, artists, writers, designers, engineers and tailors.  I love spending time laughing, celebrating, cooking, eating and traveling with my family and friends and our dog Mocha.  As a side note, I’m a supporter of auto-immune disorders such as Alopecia and Hashimoto’s Disease.  Please support RARE DISEASES :) Lastly, I also have a blog where I publish a variety of articles about my artwork and personal life. Can read my articles here.

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