Join the CRAFT REVOLUTION! Create your own crafting material out of DRIED PAINT and use it to create mosaics, jewelry & more!
Join the CRAFT REVOLUTION! Create your own crafting materialout of DRIED PAINT and use itto create mosaics, jewelry & more!

Frequently Asked Questions

They are "tiles" of dried acrylic paint created by using my own system.  These tiles are approximately 5" in diameter and 1/4" in thickness.  They are solid and flexible and can be cut with ordinary scissors and applied to just about any surface.  They can be used to create mosaics, jewelry, dimensional artwork and more!  They are made from a combination of liquid acrylic paint and other acrylic mediums that are then "cured" for a period of time until completely dry and usable as a solid material.
How can I learn to make these?
I teach locally and online.  I offer courses on (paid and free) and some on YouTube as "Dry Paint with Terry Greene".  You can enroll in any of my online courses which you'll have life-time access to.  These courses are updated and added to as needed so you'll always have the most current version available to you!  So, I teach my basic course on & offer tutorials, inspiration, tips and tricks on YouTube.
How long do these paint tiles take to "cure"?
On average, the tiles take 3-5 days.  Drying in 3 days requires perfect conditions of air temp and air flow, while attempting to dry them in very damp and cool temps could even take up to 7 days.  In my course you'll learn the best ways to cure your tiles to get the best results.
Can you use these tiles as soon as they are dry?
Yes!  As soon as they are dry, they can be cut and used.  The longer they sit before use, however, the less tacky the surface may feel.  Tackiness won't affect your ability to use them.
You say the surface is a little tacky, can these tiles stick in places where you DON'T want them to?
Yes!  They are prone to sticking, so you want to be sure they placed on a smooth, non-porous surface (such as plastic) at all times.  NEVER stack them directly on top of each other without a plastic barrier, or they will likely become stuck together, and could possibly become unusable.  NEVER set them on a paper surface as it will permanently stick to the paint tile.
Are these mosaics heavy like regular mosaics?
NO! They are a fraction of the weight of traditional mosaic materials.
Are there any sharp edges?  Do I need to wear protective gloves to handle this material?
There are no sharp edges of any kind and you do not need to wear protective gloves for that purpose.
Can you get these paint tiles and/or finished products get wet?
Yes and No.  If they get wet they should be fine once dried off, however, they should never soak in water for any period of time as this will alter the finish and color of the tiles.  Baths, showers and hot tubs are out too!  The heat of the water can significantly change the look of the tiles.
Why would I want to use dried paint tiles to create artwork?
Why wouldn't you?  They are so flexible, lightweight, easy to use, customizable and can be used on just about any surface to create a wide range of creative projects!  These tiles weigh a fraction of traditional mosaic tiles, allowing you to do things you can't do with traditional tiles. You can create beautiful and impressive looking pieces.  The other great thing about making mosaics with paint tiles is that you don't have to deal with messy grout!  They're just FUN to make and work with!  You can really let your imagination soar using these paint tiles.
Where can I learn how to make jewelry and other projects using paint tiles?
On my YouTube channel you'll find a variety of video tutorials!  You'll learn how to make amazing jewelry and artwork that you'll be proud to wear or give as gifts or sell for profit.  Follow me on Twitter to stay current on course offerings.
Are the materials needed to make the paint tiles expensive?
No, not at all. They are very reasonable and easy to find.
Do I need special tools to make mosaics with these paint tiles?
Making mosaics with paint tiles reqiuires only a pair of scissors (or two) and glue!
I'm not creative or artistic.  Can I still actually make mosaics?
Using paint tiles to make mosaics is super easy and super fun.  If you can trace, apply paint, use a pair of scissor and glue, YOU CAN MAKE A MOSAIC!
For those interested in local workshops and house parties, please contact me directly for information.
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