About Terry

Terry Greene is a Los Angeles based artist born in the Coachella Valley. Terry comes from a long lineage of designers, musicians, artists, and writers. Self-taught, Terry found a deep passion for creating mosaics with dried paint and pal fronds years ago. Her work is inspired by her roots in the Coachella Valley. She uniquely incorporates discarded palm fronds native to the Coachella Valley into some of her pieces. In 2011, Terry's mosaic artwork was featured in "Mosaic Madness".

Terry's passion for creating mosaics with dried paint transcends her own work. In Los Angeles, she teaches aspiring artist in acrylic craft paint and flexible crafting material. Terry's course is unique to her industry and is tailored for anyone interested in working with crafting material and acrylic craft paint.  Sign up for Terry's courses here!

Terry is a supporter of autoimmune disorders such as Alopecia and Hashimoto’s Disease.