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Welcome to Make Mosaics!  This is the home of the BENDABLE MOSAIC TILE, (patent pending) invented by Terry (TB) Greene, owner of Make Mosaics.  Our tiles our used for making a wide range of projects such as mosaics, jewelry and so much more.  The tiles look like real stone, ceramics and glass, but they are bendable, lightweight, free of sharp edges, come in a wide variety of colors and styles, have a peel and stick backing AND can be cut with regular scissors!  This makes them incredibly versatile and easy to work with for veteran crafters and beginners alike.

Imagine creating beautiful mosaic artwork easily and without all the mess, time and clean up.  Picture yourself making customized, one of a kind jewelry pieces that look like glass, stone, mother of pearl and real ceramic tile.  Let your creative juices flow while easily embellishing home accessory items such as picture frames, wine glass charms, window decals and more!  Well, you can do all of that - and more - with our exclusive BENDABLE MOSAIC TILES!  These bendable tiles that can be cut with scissors, can be applied to virtually ANY surface using adhesive.  Great for curved, uneven or rough surfaces.


Terry (TB) Greene

Terry Greene (also known as TB) is a Los Angeles based mixed media artist born in the Coachella Valley.  Self-taught, Terry found a deep passion for creating mosaics using a BENDABLE MOSAIC TILE she created in her studio in 2009 and has been making them and creating with them ever since.  In 2011, Terry's mosaic artwork was featured in a publication called "Mosaic Madness".  Her other passion is creating sculptural pieces, such as angel wings and lips, from palm fronds she finds when she's visiting the desert.

Terry's passion for creating with her BENDABLE MOSAIC TILES inspired her to package and sell her tiles directly to crafters along with hosting workshops and parties.  Aspiring artists get to make guided creations using her BENDABLE MOSAIC TILES.  She now has DIY mosaic kits that use these tiles available for sale  online.  Terry's workshops and parties are unique and fun!  Inquire about hosting your OWN mosaic crafting event today!!!

On a personal note, Terry is a supporter of autoimmune disorders such as Cicatricial Alopecia and Hashimoto’s Disease. Visit these sites to learn more about these causes and how you can show your support: