Q.  What tool do I use to cut these tiles?

A regular pair of sharp scissors is all you need.  Be sure to get your scissors from the dollar store.  Get a regular/large pair of scissors and a small manicuring pair for detailed cuts.  The scissors get dull and gunky after a few uses.  When they do, toss them and head over to the dollar store for more!  No special or difficult to use tools needed!

Q.  What can I make with these tiles?

It’s probably easier to list what you can’t make!  These tiles are designed for creative use in arts and crafts. They work great for creating mosaic artwork, custom fashion jewelry, embellishments and so much more. Where ever you might use real glass or stone to create a piece, you could use this as an alternative option; a hassle free, less dangerous and more fun alternative!

Q.  How do they stick to the surface of my project?

Each tile comes with a peel and stick backing, that allows the tiles to be placed directly onto desired surface without additional adhesive required.  **Stay tuned for an alternate option coming soon…

Q.  Can I use these tiles as a backsplash in my kitchen/bathroom?

No.  The tiles are a crafting material for use on arts and crafts projects.  They are not an industrial grade construction material.  They should not be exposed to heat, grime, constant wetness or harsh cleaning products.

Q.  Can you get these tiles wet?

If the tiles get wet, simply wipe them down.  They should not soak in water, go through the dishwasher, or be worn in a shower or jacuzzi.  Do not use standard cleaning products for the tiles.  Slightly soapy cool water only and wipe off immediately.

Q.  How do I estimate how many tiles I’ll need for my specific project?

Each tile covers approximately 4 square inches of surface area, so measure accordingly to estimate how many tiles you’ll need to get to complete your project.

Q.  Do these tiles need to be sealed?

Sealing the tiles is always a good idea, but not always needed.  Stick to gloss or satin finish sealers that are water based.

Q.  How do you grout these tiles?

Grouting these tiles is not necessary, but should you decide to do so, use a quality acrylic gel medium in a clear gloss.  Brands include Golden and Liquitex;  all available at art supply and craft stores and online.  Apply to project similarly to using real grout.  With a wet cloth and a water source on hand, focus on getting the gel medium into the grout lines, using your wet fingers to clean off the tile surfaces and the cloth to clean off your fingers.  The gel medium is white while it’s wet.  Repeat this process until all grout lines are filled and tile surfaces are fairly clean of gel medium.  Get dry for a full 24 hours (sometimes more if needed).  Gel medium should now be clear.  At this point, you can go back over any areas that you may have missed, waiting the 24 hour window again.  Once it’s to your liking, you can cover your surface in a sealer.  I like using glassy finish products like Triple Thick by DecoArt.  You may need to do this in phases.

Q.  Can you buy the tiles without the peel and stick backing attached?

No. The tiles normally come with a peel and stick backing, but if you have a specific requirement, you can submit a custom request.  **Stay tuned for more about an alternate option coming soon…

Q.  How do I use them?

Using regular scissors, simply cut the tiles into desired shapes for making mosaics, jewelry or what ever else you can dream up.  Once you’ve cut the shape, simply peel off the backing and press your tile onto your project surface.  Keep in mind that the tiles are a bit sticky to the touch, so avoid putting tiles on top of each other or on paper or other surfaces that the tile could stick to.  If tiles get stuck together, it can be difficult to get them apart again.  Just work on a smooth surface (such as glass, granite, formica) and/or keep plastic handy (like the tile packaging) to lay your tile on top of when not in use.

Q.  How do I clean the tile?

Just use a lightly damp cloth to wipe dust off.  Don’t use any chemical cleaners or put in soapy water or in a dishwasher.

Q.  Can the tiles be used for outdoor projects.

The tiles were not designed for outdoor use.  They’re designed for creating artwork, jewelry and other crafts.  If used for an outdoor project, there’s no guarantee how they’ll hold up.  It would be recommended that the tiles be coated in a UV safe varnish or resin to keep them looking good.

Q.  How do I store the tiles or leftover scraps?

Use the plastic bags the tiles come in when purchased, if possible.  If not, any small plastic baggie will work just as well.  Don’t store in direct sunlight or in temperatures below 60 degrees.  Again, keep in mind that the tiles are sticky to the touch, so if you store the tiles or tile pieces clumped or stacked together, they’ll likely stay that way.  If you plan to use again, be sure to store the tiles flat in single layers.

Q.  Where can I buy these tiles?

They are available in our Etsy store

Q.  What can you do with leftover tile pieces?

That depends entirely on your imagination! You can use them to create jewelry pieces, highlight and add dimension to elements of your artwork or add to resin using molds, colorants and cut up tile bits, just to name a few ideas :)