Getting to know me: Terry TB Greene

I'm a self-taught artist, born and raised in Southern California.  I've dabbled in many art forms over the years, but have found my happy place with mixed media.  Specifically, I'm obsessed with palm fronds, my signature paint tiles and pouring medium.  I started working with palm fronds about 4 years ago.  I spend a lot of time in the Coachella Valley, where I was born, and I'd always see palm fronds scattered about in yards and streets.  One day as I was checking one out, I had a visual of turning it in to a bustier, so I did!  And the rest, as they say, is history.  A passion was born!  But palm fronds weren't my first passion.  In 2009 I was working primarily with acrylic paints when I discovered pouring medium.  I started playing around with basic uses of dried paint and ended up creating a process that I use in my studio till this day.  That process allows me to dry acrylic paints and other mediums into a solid, flexible material that I use to make mosaics, jewelry and the list goes on.  I call this flexible crafting material Art FX Mosaic Tiles. The process let's me repeat the same colors and patterns time after time in a consistent size and thickness.  Once I started working with it, I never looked back!  Recently, I've been experimenting with pour painting.  It's a method that uses paints and pouring mediums.  We'll see how that fits in the picture....

Today, I am developing DIY Mosaic Kits that will be available in early 2018.  These kits will allow you to create a fabulous piece of mosaic art easily, and you'll have fun doing it! You'll get everything you need to guarantee your success.  In addition to working on the kits, I occasionally conduct workshops that allow people to create mosaics and other projects using the Art FX Mosaic Tiles I've made.  Making traditional mosaics can be intimidating and messy and require special tools and skill.  Furthermore, the final product is very heavy.  Using Art FX Mosaic Tiles to create artwork is fun, easy and doesn't require any special skills or talent and the final product is very lightweight.  If you can use a pair of scissors, stencils and glue, you can create beautiful works of art, simply and easily.  If you'd like to learn more, check out my website

So what's the deal with the name??  I don't mean to confuse anyone.... though my given name is Terry, everyone close to me calls me TB.  My maiden name is Brodie, hence the "B" in TB.  My husband started calling me that 20 years ago and it stuck!  I've become so used to it that I often introduce myself to people and I even sign my artwork as TB.  So now you know!

I live in the Los Angeles area with my husband.  We have two amazing sons and our dog Mocha; the best dog on the planet.  When I'm not making art, I love to travel, cook and spend time with friends and family.  In between all of that, I spend as much time in the Coachella Valley as possible :)